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Bangkok, Thailand

 DATE (DAY) GAME SCHEDULE  Venue: Field 2, Queen Sirikit Baseball Park, Phathum Thani Province, Thailand
 25/5/09 (Day 1) Monday
 26/5/09 (Day 2) Tuesday
 27/5/09 (Day 3) Wednesday
28/5/09 (Day 4) Thursday
 29/5/09 (Day 5) Friday MALAYSIA (8)

Day 1 Report:

The Malaysian Baseball Squad (MBS) faced an uphill battle, as it was their first time playing in a skinned diamond and facing the prowess of Pakistan, a nation well known for its Cricket talents, a sport that is almost similar to the game of Baseball.The official opening ceremony was attended by both Dato' Noh Abdullah (President) and Tan Sri Syed Jalaludin Syed Salim (Vice President). 

The match, which took place during the 2nd session (1.30pm - 5.00pm) was halted on the 5th inning, due to mercy rules applied by the calling umpire. The MBS was simply overwhelmed by the skill set of Pakistan. The Pakistan National Team is a matured baseball team, ensembled for more than 3 years in total. This is the same team that participated in the 7th Asian Cup Tournament, of which, they came in 3r

Day 2 Report:

The MBS faced the hosting Thailand in its 2nd match. Thailand, believed to be the same ensemble that won the SEA Games gold medal in 2007, was earlier defeated by new-comer Sri Lanka in match played on the 1st day. Having battered by the loss of their 1st game against Pakistan, the MBS faced a tough challenge against Thailand. However, the MBS managed to put Thailand at bay for several innings before they succumbed to heavy pressures and attacks from the Thailand team.

It was obvious that the MBS were heavily dis-oriented mentally and spiritually. Defence wise, they did good in comparison to previously ensembled Malaysian team. It was here that the management and coaches realized that the MBS lacks seriously in attacking and offensive skill set.

Day 3 Report:

Facing Sri Lanka on the 3rd match, and knowing the fact that they had beaten Thailand in previous match, sent tremors running down through the spines of every team member. But the MBS held their head high and put up a tough fight against Sri Lanka, when they denied Sri Lanka huge margins and only allowed 9 runs in a 9 innings game. The MBS took the first step towards offensive recovery when they managed to get a single run, made by player Ng Siew Meng (who stole to third base), followed closely by Teoh Beng Kiat (on second base). Mohd Zahrul Shafiq turned to be the hero of the day when he made a successful base hit, which allowed Ng Siew Meng to run home on the top 9th inning. However, Teoh Beng Kiat was called out at home plate when he too, tried for the run home on Zahrul's base hit. Since it was already 2 down, the umpire called a timing game, which ended with a result of Sri Lanka 9, Malaysia 1. 

The MBS celebrated the single run with cheers and joyfulness as if they had won the game. That is the spirit of the MBS, playing fun seriously!!... 

Day 5 Report:

In the 2007 SEA Games, the Malaysian squad back then faced the green Cambodian baseball team and won. This time round, the MBS faced the exact same team, only to encounter a fully matured and skilled team. Led by a Major League Coach, the Cambodians possessed high level of maturity and team bonding that simply out-smarted the MBS. In the early innings, MBS led the score with 4-1, then 5-2. MBS's performance deteriorated when the team never recovered morally from an error made by one of the MBS team member, which led to more errors by others. Despite those errors, MBS managed to get 3 more runs, before the Cambodians over-ran the MBS with 18 runs, spread over the last 4 innings. 

Overall, the MBS did their best, and they did extremely well, considering that 1) they were as a team only for a brief period of 3 months, 2) MBS relied only on local coaches, no Japanese or Major League coaches.. All participating teams excluding the MBS, had foreign coaches. We're proud that we still could give them a fight despite our lack of coaches and team maturity. Next time round, MBS will definitely whack their butts.. That's a promise... That's a guarantee.

Signing off from Queen Sirikit Memorial Baseball Stadium, Phatumthani Province, Thailand,